Sealcoating - Asphalt & Blacktop

Calloway Construction provides Indiana with quality asphalt repair and asphalt sealcoating services. Calloway crews perform both large and small sealcoating projects.

Asphalt sealcoating not only makes your parking lot or driveway look new again, but when applied correctly helps protect against harmful elements such as gas and oil leaks and the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Crack sealing is a major factor in protecting your asphalt parking lot or asphalt driveway against the elements. Cracks in the pavement surface allow water to penetrate and deteriorate the base material supporting the pavement. These cracks left untreated will lead to further cracking and eventually potholes.

We look forward to serving you with safe and cost effective asphalt and concrete solutions.

Contact us today 352-299-3695 to get the process started

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