Driveway & Parking Paving

Asphalt pavement is known for it’s durability and resilience. It’s strengths make it a highly used material for many pavement applications and the preferred material for most state and federal road projects. Asphalt is an exceptional choice for all types of pavement projects, both large and small, commercial and residential.

Let Calloway Construction provide you with a written asphalt paving proposal. Calloway provides asphalt paving services for small to medium sized asphalt paving projects throughout Indiana.

If you have an asphalt surface that is cracked in some areas but stable in others, a totally new pavement may not be necessary. Calloway Construction may be able to overlay the cracked areas and sealcoat the other areas. This will save you money on your asphalt repair.

Calloway Construction specializes in commercial and residential asphalt paving projects. We approach each job with craftsmanship and attention to detail. Whether it be an asphalt overlay, new asphalt construction, or asphalt repair, Calloway has the expertise to see the job through from start to finish.

Contact us today 352-299-3695 to get the process started 

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